BAG India(BAGI) is committed to deliver the best quality. Our products are covered by a warranty as per below. BAGI products are warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of 1/2/3 year(As per agreed terms) after its original purchase date under normal use. This ex–works Pune factory warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser with original proof of purchase and only when purchased from an authorized BAGI retailer or reseller. If the product requires service, please contact the selling dealer. Products for WARRANTY REPAIR claim to be sent to Pune factory with Return Material Authorization (RMA) from customer service department,

Our Warranty offers following:

  • Warranty of 1-3 Years(As per agreed terms ) of performance against technical specs and normal use.
  • High quality components, designed to work individually and together to deliver the level of performance.
  • Products with proven performance, durability and ease of use.
  • Technical support during installation on phone or by visiting the site as required.
  • Repairing of products in the unlikely event of failure.
  • Warranty from the day of purchase.

Limited Warranty Statement:

  • This limited warranty is given only to the original purchaser of the product.
  • The limited warranty shall be restricted to the country/region of product purchase.
  • The limited warranty shall last for 36 months from the date of original purchase. The invoice

will be required as the proof of purchase.

  • The limited warranty covers the expenses at our Pune factory for inspecting and repairing the product during the warranty period.
  • The defective product shall be delivered by the purchaser to the reseller store or authorized

dealer, along with RMA and the invoice (proof of purchase).

  • We will repair the defective product at Pune factory only. Unrepairable faulty products or

replaced failed components will not be returned to the purchaser.

  • The repaired product shall continue to be warranted for the remaining time of the original

warranty period.

Warranty does not cover products damaged by any of the following:

  • Use with unauthorized accessories or use other than as instructed
  • Connecting to incorrect current, voltage and circuit breaker etc.
  • External electrical over stress(voltage surges above specified sustenance limit of products)
  • Mains Supply is given to output LED load side
  • External Mechanical overstress.
  • Thermal over stress ( running products above t c point specified)
  • Products exposed to external Environment ,beyond specified
  • Any other conditions beyond our control 

Warranty excludes:

  • Product is tempered or void seal is broken.
  • Natural disaster where the manufacture could not warranty the performance of our product.
  • Product failure reasons beyond control of company like Accidents, Mishandling, Poor maintenance, Damage due to Rodents/Insects, Act of GOD etc.
  • Negligence to conduct regular maintenance product, sub-system etc.
  • Damages by the contractor or end user due to negligence or will full damage.
  • Consequential damages.
  • Product beyond warranty period.

**BAG India reserves the right to decide whether to provide the free of charge replacement or settle through credit note in case of genuine claims.