Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting

  • It Stimulates Natural day time light in an enclosed environment
  • Natural day light changes from Cool white to Warm white at different times of the day
  • HCL has the capacity to replicate this behaviour in Indoor

DALI Wi-Fi communicator

Mobile App – Android app is complimentary with this system.

  • Password protection to restrict unauthorized control.
  • Single switch toggle between Manual Mode and HCL Mode.
  • Individual Slide bars for changing color temperature and intensity, makes app
  • Grouping and scene creation.
  • Schedule Power On and OFF
  • Comestible with Dali drivers

Wall Panel - Wall Panel is for guests, to control dedicated lights assigned to the panel. It is the wired connection.

  • Cool And Warm Switches for changing color temperature.
  • Up and down arrow for increasing and decreasing intensity of selected color.
  • ON & Off switch to switch on and off all lights in one go.
  • Standard 2x4 wall socket size for easy installation.
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