The future of light has begun. Networked, flexible and intelligent.


Megatrends such as digitalisation and the Internet of Things will also fundamentally change lighting technology in coming years – and the future has already begun. Our new LED electronic control gear units from the ZITARES wiz series meet all the needs of light for the future.

Intelligent control, connectivity, an open system and flexibility provide completely new options. And even more – the control unit and the new EXELIQO software come together to form a high-performance unit.

The next generation of intelligent ECG


ZITARES wiz with the digital Z-COM interface fulfils a decisive precondition for the digitalisation of light: the open protocol (API) enables you to custom-connect your communication modules and sensors according to the specific requirement.

In addition to the Z-COM interface the electronic control gear units also feature a standardised DALI interface. This in turn provides you with maximum levels of flexibility.


A further characteristic of tomorrow’s network light control: intelligence is decentrally distributed. Each individual luminaire therefore becomes an intelligent node within the building network. The high speed of bidirectional communication between the ECG and connected components provides high levels of lighting convenience – completely without noticeable delay times as often experienced in larger DALI applications. This means you can upgrade your products with completely new added values and unique features for end users.

Monitoring & maintenance.
The introduction to predictive maintenance.

The operating data of individual ECGs can be continuously recorded and subsequently analysed. This provides completely new possibilities for predictive maintenance and the measurement of energy consumption.

Parameter programming.
For top performance and quality.

Parameters and functions are flexibly adaptable and modifiable both during luminaire production and afterwards, e.g. adaption of the LED operating current or to ensure constant lumen output (CLO) over the complete life time.


The intelligent ECGs from our ZITARES wiz range form a highly performative unit with the newly developed EXELIQO application software. Configurations, ECG functions and settings can be individually modified according to your needs via the software. These include precise setting of output current, temperature-

dependent control of output current, compensation of LED degradation (CLO) and measuring of the ECG temperature. The complete system scores with its open architecture. This means that already today you can flexibly and efficiently implement future-safe solutions such as networked systems or simple data exchange.

Wireless control. Less installation effort and more possibilities.

Communication modules connected via Bluetooth for example to the Z-COM interface enable ZITARES wiz to regulate light without need of additional control lines. This significantly reduces the installation complexity and provides optimum solutions especially for the refurbishment sector. Supplementary central controllers are superfluous, enabling simple scalability.


System components. For intelligent added values.

We supplement the ZITARES wiz electronic control gear units with optimally matched system components. These include the Bluetooth module based on reliable technology from CASAMBI and a daylight- and presence sensor for direct connection to the electronic control gear unit.

In addition to these system components you can also specify other components and technologies (e.g. ZigBee, EnOcean etc.) according to your needs. Thanks to the open source platform these can be coordinated to the Z-COM interface. The result: lighting solutions with intelligence, connectivity and flexibility.