Technical Services

Professional measurement and services for your project

Quality without compromise. Leave nothing to chance, but rely on a partner who supports you with proven expertise, advanced test and measurement equipment as well as customized services. Benefit from our test and measurement services according to current EN standards to optimize your product development and quality assurance.

From EMC measurements of electromagnetic compatibility through heating measurements for the perfect thermal management in lighting products to photometric measurements of the colour rendering characteristics and photobiological safety.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Critical quality factors for LED luminaires and luminaire components include electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety. We perform professional EMC measurements for you while remaining in full compliance with all applicable guidelines.

  • Immunity requirements: non-dimmable & dimmable luminaire
  • Disturbance voltages at mains terminal: non-dimmable & dimmable luminaire
  • Radiated disturbance: non-dimmable & dimmable luminaire
Technical Services
Technical Services

Acoustic measurements

A-weighted acoustic measurement of one luminaire based on the reverberation room technique.

Sound power and sound energy level measurements: non-dimmable & dimmable luminaire

Photometric measurements

Just how precise are the colour rendering characteristics of your LED luminaires? What about photobiological safety? You can rely on our photometric analysis services to continuously enhance the quality of your products.

  • Analysis of the transmission of glass panels & filters
  • Analysis of the colour rendering characteristics
  • Luminous flux distribution curve (LDC)
  • Photobiological safety
  • Luminous flux measurement
Technical Services
Technical Services

Thermal measurements

Our heating measurements will help you verify and optimise the thermal management of your lighting products.

  • Indoor & outdoor luminaire
  • ECG
  • Temperature stress test

Protection class/impact strength testing according

Determination of protection and impact resistance of a luminaire.

  • Protection class test IP4X up to IP6X
  • Protection class test IPX4 up to IPX7
  • Impact strength test with swing hammer
Technical Services
Technical Services

Endurance test under influence of environmental factors

Continuous operation at ta 35°C in defined environmental conditions (air humidity, salt spray, chemical impact…).

Endurance test in climate chamber

Thermographic measurements

IR photo of one luminaire, module, EVG with temperature data.

Infrared measurment with IR camera

Technical Services
Technical Services

3D printer

Creation of a 3D polystyrol (ADS) or polyactide (PLA) model based on CAD files (size: up to 250 x 250 x 250 mm).

Creation of 3D models