ocd360 Features

Degradation compensation

Because the luminous efficacy of the LEDs reduces over the operating time, operating current can be adjusted to keep the lighting level stable. With function activated, initial operating current is limited to 80% of the set value in the beginning, and then adjusted. Operating current is increased by 1% for every 2,500 operating hours.

Outdoor ECG Programming
Outdoor ECG Programming

Energy saving function

Depending on the night-time operating time, the ECG determines the approximate time as average value. For this purpose, the last 3 nocturnal operating times are calculated. The time period and level of night-time reduction can be specified via the OCD360 programming software. During operation, the ECG implements this energy saving function independently. In this way, energy is saved in times of low occupancy in the illuminated areas.

Individual output current

Output current is reduced in accordance with the dimming curve. Minimum current is limited to 275 mA. Therefore, the minimum relative dimming level depends on the set output current value.

Outdoor ECG Programming
Outdoor ECG Programming

Rapid wiring

Communication between the software and ECG is established with just a few flicks of the wrist. Simply connect the PC with installed software via USB to the programming box, and then connect this to the ECG via the DALI terminals. It’s now possible to set all parameters individually in a matter of seconds. Simple, intuitive operation With its graphical user interface, the zitares360 software is highly intuitive and eliminates any possible sources of error from the start. The subsequent modification of parameters is also possible in previously installed systems.

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