Tailor-made to your requirements

Freedom in design, light colour and quality of light

Our project service designs custom-designed LED modules in next to no time. You are given concepts ideally adapted to your requirements. We also provide prototypes and hand samples just as quickly. Optical and thermal gauging of the LED modules creates the basis for optimising your product.

We bring together innovative ideas and maximum quality with short development and production times, made in Germany at optimum price-performance ratios, and with tight communication between you and our project service team that guarantees rapid implementation.

Your project – our solution

The fastest service for BAG Electronics projects in the market

Flexibility and creativity almost without limits

Suitable ECGs and supplementary components, e.g. for circadian light

Selection of diverse CRI and CCT values

Optimally matched software and hardware

Rapid implementation of your needs according to targets and project requirements, from design to production

Very short development and implementation periods for LED modules with maximum deadline loyalty and reliability, ensured with production in Germany

Long service life and maximum product efficiency

Customised, cost-efficient solutions with German development expertise

Your module – our made-to-measure service

Components from development to serial production

Check list

  • Customer specification defined
  • Mandatory information in the specification list completed

Layout design

  • Layout for simple LED assemblies
  • Layout for MixedWhite LED modules for constant current operation
  • Layout for LED modules with integrated current control for constant voltage operation


Functional testing samples with close-to-production PCB

  • Requirement: design of layout (Point 2)
  • Integration of PCB use with area of 420 x 575 [mm]
  • Min. utilisable 50%
  • Modules produced semi-automatically in close-to-production process

Serial production

  • Requirement: Design of layout (Point 2) or provision of all required manufacturing data
  • Initialisation of serial production. This includes PCB production, production aids (SMD templates, testing adapters), programming of production systems (e.g. screen-printer with paste inspection, SMD populating machine, reflow solder oven) and quality assurance measures (X-ray inspection for voiding control, verification of process safety, designing of testing concepts)


Small and mid-sized series are usually individually packaged in ESD air-cushion bags. For larger series, designing customer-specific solutions in the form of disposable or returnable blister packaging is recommended.


  • Verification of optical characteristics/photometric data of modules
  • Ulbricht cone measurement of modules (luminous flux, colour spectrum)
  • Measurement protocols for two operating currents and two pre-defined temperatures


  • Module certification in accordance with EN 62031 and EN 62471
  • Testing in accordance with harmonised standards for achieving CE label